Business Opportunities

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Business Opportunities.

BCC Ltd has over the last 10 years assisted over 40 new business start-ups, using the tried, trusted and successful business model that has seen BCC Ltd grow year on year during that time.

The industry’s best practice with the industry’s best value for money machinery from the industry’s market leaders.

BCC Ltd Business Template.

This business opportunity is based directly on the effective systems and procedures currently being used by BCC Ltd, these systems and procedures have been developed and fine tuned to provide the maximum impact on new business ventures.

The Business Template combines the knowledge required with the best cleaning system available at an affordable cost. If you are prepared to work hard and follow the simple guidelines provided, the risks involved for your new business will be greatly reduced.

BCC Ltd has systems and procedures in place that are the most efficient in the industry combined with the finest Bin Cleaning Equipment available. Specification and cost details are available and BCC Ltd is happy to discuss any requirements relating to bin cleaning machines and business opportunities for both the UK and overseas markets. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss your proposed venture.

BCC Ltd Marketing Process.

The domestic need is obvious and with the BCC Ltd marketing process, your own business plan can be met quickly enabling steady sustainable growth. The commercial market had been slower to accept waste container cleaning as an essential part of overall hygiene but this area has now expanded rapidly as awareness increases. The BCC Ltd marketing process will help you promote your business to both domestic and commercial clients.

BCC Ltd Training Program.

A comprehensive training program that has been specifically designed to be easily understood has been developed, this enables your new business to have maximum impact from day one. The training starts with your business plan and financial forecasting, continuing through all aspects of planning and preparation to the start date of your new venture.

BCC Ltd, no franchise fees and no monthly charges.

BCC Ltd appreciates the risks involved with any new business in today’s market and feels that reward should reflect the risk, therefore BCC Ltd do not charge franchise fees and will not want a percentage of your turnover or any management fees. You deserve to keep what you have worked so hard to earn.

Benefits of working with BCC Ltd

The Bin Cleaning Company is a successful bin cleaning business both in the home domestic and commercial markets with an outstanding track record. You can benefit from our success.

BCC Ltd will offer continued support for your new business as required without interfering.

BCC Ltd bin cleaning machinery gets extensively tested by the huge number of cleans completed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis this demonstrates the strength and reliability of the equipment.

BCC Ltd understands customers’ needs, requirements and how you will be able to reach expected sales objectives through a strategic marketing plan.

A bespoke Business Management Software Package developed by BCC Ltd assists with the day to day running of the business. It covers all aspects from daily cleaning schedules to marketing reports and customer payments analysis. This has been designed to operate with the thousands of customers BCC Ltd services, with every working hour so important this system will dramatically reduce your inevitable administration time.

A Consumer Credit Licence has been held by BCC Ltd for over 5 years, help and advice with raising the required capital at the lowest rates can be essential for new businesses.

Public liability insurance is a very important part of business protection BCC Ltd can help reduce rates through the power of multi purchases.

Forecasted sales for years 1 + 2 over £163,000

Straight forward pricing strategy, so you know where you stand and financial planning can be forecast accurately.

  • BCC Ltd will not charge you a monthly management fee.
  • BCC Ltd will not take a percentage of your annual turnover.

In the event of your new vehicle / machinery being off the road for any length of time BCC Ltd have back up available. Should you be involved in a road traffic accident, BCC Ltd will be able to provide a hire unit to provide you with the business continuity that you require. We understand that a lengthy period without a vehicle/ machine would do irreparable damage to new business and new start ups cannot always afford the luxury of a second vehicle.

National contracts obtained by BCC Ltd are shared out, with work sub contracted to those business opportunities we have helped to get stated.

Main Benefits of working with BCC Ltd?

  • Continued Support Structure
  • Vehicle Support
  • Shared National Contracts
  • Non-Franchise
  • Comprehensive Training
  • No Management Fees

Business Testimonials

“The Bin Cleaning Company Ltd were the only company to actually phone me when I was researching this industry, others just sent short emails. I had ample time and opportunity to ask questions on all aspects of the work involved, the answers I received were full, honest and very helpful.

I was allowed to try out their equipment, talk with the staff and see how the business ran, BCC Ltd do not ask for a Franchise fee like other companies do, this means that what I earn, I keep. Although BCC Ltd are always there if I need advice.The training given is based on experience, this cover the equipment, sales and office duties. They go out and risk your own business when the answers have already been found?”

Tony Rice, Where’s Ya Bin?, Birmingham

“Three years ago I wanted to start my own wheelie-bin cleaning company. I had ruled out a franchise scheme – why pay someone every month for what is a simple operation? – and was about to buy a truck and head off on my own. Thank heavens I didn’t!

I saw the BCC Ltd website and went for a no-obligation chat. It soon became evident that there was more to setting up than I had thought, so I took them up on their offer of training and mentoring. The scheme covered truck purchase, our pricing, customer software and ongoing help and advice.

It was all excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering starting their own bin-cleaning business.”

Roger Wones, Binbrite Ltd

“Starting any company from just an idea leaves you wide open for problems both small and large. It is for this reason that it is advisable to seek the assistance of someone who knows from experience the many pitfalls that can destroy your business before it ever gets going.

Six years ago we started Bergen Bin Cleaners here in Norway. As there were no bin cleaning companies operating in Norway it was difficult to get any advice here, so we turned to UK for advice and assistance.

We knew what we wanted, but after contacting several existing bin cleaning companies in UK, we could only find one who was able to offer us the high professional standards that we were seeking.

The Bin Cleaning Company Ltd from the first contact displayed an extremely high professionalism.

Colin Lewis as well as all of his team were friendly, outgoing, educational and very helpful in assisting us to see our dream come to fruition.

Anyone planning to start a bin cleaning company of their own will not find a better company to assist them than the Bin Cleaning Company Ltd. They have been there for us from day one right up till today and I’m sure they will continue to be there for us long into the future.

Thank you Colin.

We at Bergen Bin Cleaners wish you and your team all the best.”

Jon Caine, Managing Director, Bergen Bin Cleaners AS, Norway